Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the moderators.

  1. Be courteous, respectful, and understanding in interactions with fellow users.
  2. No racism, sexism, ableism, religious-based hate, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, or classism.
  3. No incitement of violence or promotion of violent or white supremecist ideologies.
  4. No harassment, intimidation, or other abuse of other users.
  5. No spam.
  6. No intentionally false or misleading information, including unfounded or disproved conspiracy theories.
  7. No libelous or slanderous posts about users and nonusers.
  8. H-Net reserves the right to suspend, block, or remove accounts that do not abide by our rules of engagement, including harassment of other users.
  9. H-Net Network Accounts - If you are joining the instance on behalf of an H-Net network, your account name must follow the naming format “”