Re-introducing myself since I moved to a new server.
I am a cultural historian whose work often crosses national and disciplinary boundaries. I specialize in the fields of Gender & Sexuality and Celebration Studies, and I am particularly interested in Carnivals and drag competitions.
I am also co-editor of the Journal of Festive Studies

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@machadoisabel Love the Journal! Thank you for your excellent work on H-Net's first Open Access journal!

@JesseDraper Thanks! I collaborated with the JFS as guest editor on #3 and had a wonderful experience. So I was thrilled when they invited me to join as co-editor since Ellen Litwicki is moving to the editorial board. Will Ellen is irreplaceable, I'll do my best to live up to the high standards she helped establish for the journal! And we have exciting plans for the future! 🥳

@machadoisabel Hey there! I studied Gender & Sexuality at NYU! New here, too!

@jonspanonyc Great to meet you, John! Looking forward to learning more about your work!

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