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We are now soliciting papers for issue 6, to be published in 2024! We welcome submissions on festive studies generally and for our special section, guest edited by Laurent S. Fournier, on sport and festivity. See the full CfP here:

Hi everyone! Like many of us, I’m new here but I look forward to connecting! I’m a professor of Black and African Diaspora History at Rutgers University and I specialize in the 18th and 19th centuries. My newest book, Fear of a Black Republic is now available!

Hey, writers! FIYAH Lit Mag's UNTHEMED 2023 submissions are open until December 31, 2022.

Start polishing your speculative non-fiction essays, poetry, and short fiction.

Double-check the guidelines, and don't self-reject!


Hello - we are an interdisciplinary journal, podcast and network for gender research worldwide! Connect through us with your peers and get published with us.
We specifically want to highlight the work by early career researchers and graduate students!

If you're like me, then you were really happy to learn about Mastodon's enthusiastic support for image descriptions, and you were really eager to join in.

Then you went to actually write something and realized you have no idea how to present visual information in a way that is helpful/enjoyable to those who are #VisuallyImpaired or #Blind.

I found this guide really informative:

Of course, I'd also love to hear any additional tips y'all might have!


Hello Mastodon.

I am looking for new PhD students to come work with me at the Oxford Internet Institute in 22/23 (@oiioxford) to study the future of data privacy and digital rights, the impact of AI and algorithms on digital platforms, and help co-create better digital futures.

Boosts very much appreciated! 🐘

Shameless podcast plug (but there are witches!) 

Hey, I'm a historian with a podcast on the history of magic & witchcraft! Interested? Check out or look for Enchanted: The History of Magic & Witchcraft anywhere you listen to podcasts.

Please share the announcement! "Women Changing the World, in the Past and Today" an international webinar hosted by the National Council of Women of New Zealand and sponsored by Pacific Women's Watch NZ. Features experts in international women's history and activism today in peace and justice, union work and immigrant human rights. Dec 3 or 4 depending on which side of the globe you are on - register today!

Besides our guest-edited sections, we always welcome submissions on a rolling basis, with no deadline for consideration. Please do think of us if your research or professional background touches on festive practices!

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My book, Black Folk is on the way, it will be out in June 2023. Please preorder! Link is in my bio!

Re-introducing myself since I moved to a new server.
I am a cultural historian whose work often crosses national and disciplinary boundaries. I specialize in the fields of Gender & Sexuality and Celebration Studies, and I am particularly interested in Carnivals and drag competitions.
I am also co-editor of the Journal of Festive Studies


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