Now that I switched to a server with which I identify, it's time for #introduction:

I am currently a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at the Institute for History, Leiden University, and specialise in the history of modern European colonialism (19th and 20th Century).

My research interests are European and world history from a transnational and trans-imperial perspective, in particular the links between ideas of Europeanness, racial thought, and belonging from the late nineteenth century onward.

My new article is now out in the American Historical Review. In it, I argue that the history of Palestinian-West German ties offers a fresh perspective on the global history of the 1960s and 1970s.🧵 1/7

Age of Revolutions is an open-access journal that publishes work on revolutions, revolutionaries, and the idea of “revolution” itself. We are celebrating our 7th anniversary with some big news (Spoiler! We are adding 5 new editors!) Read more here:

Hello! #introduction I'm an historian of public and global health, internationalism, migration, statelessness, and rights, with a geographic focus in Modern and Eastern Europe. I'm an assistant professor at the University of Connecticut and co-direct the Research Program in Humanitarianism at the UConn Human Rights Institute.

#books #research I recently finished my first book manuscript: "For Your Health and Ours: The East European History of a Universal Right." I'm now working on a short book on the history of health as a right and a project on citizenship, statelessness, and health after World War II. I'm in the planning stages of a project on the history of statelessness and rights between European empire and EU integration.

I'll post about scholarship, takes on current events related to my research areas, and sometimes pictures of a baking project.

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Am Donnerstag werde ich meine Forschung zu Palästinensern und der radikalen Linken in der Bundesrepublik im Colloquium zur Zeitgeschichte an der FU Berlin vorstellen. All are welcome!

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By examining the arms trade, both licit and illicit, @HistoryNed @unierfurt provides an alternative view to Germany’s political and economic globalization.

Speaking tomorrow at the #TransformativeSeminar:

I know there's a big #Histodons community on here...any recommendations for folks to follow sharing content on Italian history? My interests are in 20th and 21st century Italy...but I'm not limited to that. Thanks!!

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Hello !

I am a historian of modern Germany at interested in the histories of , the , and the broad social, economic, and social transformations of the period.

My current book project explores the networks and mobilities of global as they intersect with the Cold War in Divided Germany and German Maoists as they intersect with the global Cold War.

The Center for Advanced Studies at LMU will have its opening event tomorrow. The group's activity is organized around the theme "Universalism and Particularism in European Contemporary History".
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Check us out! The New Fascism Syllabus is on #Mastodon too. Fighting fascism one keystroke at a time. #histodon #fascism @newfascismsyllabus

SUCH a cool experiment out of the Harvard Library Innovation Lab:

Allows you to capture a thread from Twitter and archive it in sealed PDFs to attest to legitimacy.

Could be enormously useful to journalists, archivists, etc, particularly with Twitter facing a perilous future.


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