Yesterday activists against climate change occupied #erasmusuniversiteit.

Erasmus University called the police in riot gears to deal with a PACIFIC sit-in.

Protesters asked:
- that Erasmus stop receiving money from #Shell
- erase #studentdebts
- better contracts for staff, against #casualization
- #accessibility on campus for disabled people

It is very concerning that a university refuses to listen to these claims

#occupyeur #casualleiden #endfossilfuel

Important article on the threats and harassment faced by LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and other vulnerable communities (via @chanda ):

We have to be diligent to make this space the free and safe public sphere Twitter could not be.

This is a call for volunteers in those communities to work with the moderation team at

Reply, message me directly or send me an email if interested:

Representation matters. Please share freely and widely.

So wie's ist, kann es nicht weitergehen, wenn die menschliche Zivilisation nicht zu Grunde gehen soll.
Zusammen mit Euch sammeln wir Kraft für den Aufstand für unser aller Überleben. Wir alle sind die #LetzteGeneration, die den Kollaps noch stoppen kann.

Hör Dir unseren Plan an!

Most of us never experience collective decision-making after we leave school. We end up isolated and this skill becomes stunted. The people I've met with the most experience are active in their union or church. Sometimes with their HOA, a corporate board or local government. Maybe a political activist. It is few and far between.

If instances could have processes and structures for making collective decisions around rules, bans, appeals and other such administrative tasks, that could be a unique and invaluable opportunity for many.

I am starting to think this might be just as important as the protocols and software that drives the #Fediverse.
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I finished my stint as a Mozilla Fellow and now I'm relaunching my Patreon with a focus on, well, fixing social media.

This means I'm going to continue my concerted work trying to make the fediverse a better place, in the form of best practice guides for running instances, external advocacy, and technical tutorials and training so that more people can contribute software to the fediverse at large.

You can read a partial summary of my work so far at my new Patreon page!

okay more new user tips

content warnings are extremely important here

they're ingrained in our culture

they're not censorship, but rather consent

they allow someone to decide if they wanna engage with your post, and if so on what terms

they're a courtesy, and you have legiterally no reason to not use them as much as possible

they're one of the best features mastodon has

think of it like a subject line or a title for your post

you're MORE LIKELY to get "engagement" if you use them right

During these first days on I'm actually hand-picking my contacts according to interests, toots that catch my attention and so on and all seems so smooth and inspiring. But I am kind of aware if my privilege to enjoy this first excitement. So I wonder how all of this will work in the future? And I ask myself how does it work actually now for others?

Food for thought (if I may) I found with these awareness awakening people

Since Mastodon saw its initial popularity circa 2017, I've noticed that most users and those reporting on it either don't think about the Fediverse as anything more than Mastodon, or treat its history as beginning with Eugen Rochko and the beginning of Mastodon. In fact, Mastodon is the latest in a long line of federated social networks, going at least back to, and though I wasn't around for all of it,I find this history pretty interesting. (Thread; boosts welcome!)

People who are genuinely concerned with building good communities in the Fediverse are people who are concerned with how to solve the problems being raised.

The rest of you are fine with virtual redlining, which is to say, you’re racists.

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Some quick notes on how we might build some of the essential infrastructure and governance processes that will be needed if #Mastodon is really going to be sustainable and viable as a mass-adoption social network (1/n):

Nov 25: Feast of St Catherine of Alexandria, one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers & patron saint of, inter alia, #scribes, #scholars, #librarians, #archivists, #students, #philosophers, #girls / unwed #women, #lawyers. Her reputation for learning & wisdom led to her patronage of librarians, & anyone associated with knowledge; her debating skill & persuasive language led to her patronage of lawyers. #Manuscripts #MedievalManuscripts #Medievodons @bookhistodons @medievodons

Years ago I first saw this marvelous editio princeps of Vitruvius illustrated by hand in the by Giovanni Battista da Sangallo, a member of the famous florentine architect family. The drawings are a fascinating testimony of the ways of interpreting the ancient text and the antique remains.
The book is conserved in the Biblioteca dell'Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei e Corsiniana (


I think my first love for libraries was the library of the in . It has the most original library system, an enormous collection of and on , and related fields, and also a very special architecture by Mario Botta.
And last but not least, if you attend a conference there, you will be welcomed with utmost generosity.

ICOM has launched the Emergency Red List of Cultural Objects at Risk – Ukraine in an effort to help protect endangered cultural heritage of Ukraine for future generations in light of the recent invasion by Russian forces.

A regular might seem like choreographed for an Arnold Schoenberg piece and written by a dadaist. That's when getting to work feels like being on vacation at last.

The more I stroll around Mastodon I become aware of how the ways to are determined by the languages one uses. This makes it nearly tangible how and are always intertwined. I love everything about it, with every language you (try to) engage with you get a whole new way of your own research.

Hi everyone, time to introduce myself. I'm an architectural historian researching and and for quite some time now architecture of in , too. I'm interested in a broad as I understand research in the as connecting the various aspects of the past. Looking forward to explore this instance!


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