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Hello, glad to be finally on a new small and cozy instance

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First gen academic dropout. After research positions as a historian, I now earn my living with GIS and freelance visualizations, illustrations and texts. Still interested in environmental history, history of science, knowledge and technology, ANT, epistemology, meme and troll studies. shitposting is self-care.

Neue Podcastepisode über atomare Kindheit, erzählt und erklärt von Joachim Brenner:

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I've made 6 free online courses to help you read Marx:

Reading Marx's Capital Vol 1 (2019 & 2007 eds)
Reading Marx's Capital Vol 2
Reading Marx's Grundrisse
Marx, Capital, and the Madness of Economic Reason
The ABC of Contemporary Capital

Ich denke es liegt am Server von H-Net der gerade viel Last hast, habe auch just 23h alte benachrichtungen bekommen ..

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in meiner federated tl sehe ich accounts die ich über importiert habe, aber in der Home tl, in der IOs App und im Profil sind sie nicht sichtbar ... mache ich was falsch?

Historian of Childhood researching "Practices in Early Childcare in GDR & FDR in the 1970s"; I did a PhD on the Device of Electro-Convulsive Therapy; Interests: History, Early Childhood, Videogames, postmodern hocuspocus


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